Philip J. McMahon as the president of the Pneuma Consulting Group is available to provide key note speaker, as well as retreat leader services to senior executive, Human resource management groups and professional teams.

Utilizing his unique synergistic background as both a chief executive officer and senior executive and Doctoral training in both transformational leadership and Psychoanalytic psychotherapy alongside his many years of professional clinical-forensic experience as a psychologist, he can provide unique, knowledgeable and motivating information and discussion on a wide variety of leadership and organizational health and Human resource development areas. Past speaking and workshop topics have included.

Pneuma Consulting Group also is pleased to custom design workshop, speaking and retreat topics based on individual audience needs.


  • Recovering Professionals and Executives - Recovery & Renewal - The journey back to high performance.
  • Elite performance strategies for Executives and Professionals.
  • The psychodynamics of Leadership. 
  • Clinical leadership and the executive/professional dark triad of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism.
  • Psychodynamic - systems and structural aspects of leadership and organizations.....awareness of the other 85% of the organizational iceberg.
  • The leader’s heroes journey slaying the internal dragons within that block our path to excellence.
  • Leadership: making the ultimate decision between the red and blue pills.
  • Leadership from the inside out.
  • Leadership: the shadow side.
  • Organizational silo’s, politics and turf wars a recipe for organizational failure.
  • Servant and transformative leadership enhancing multiple corporate bottom lines.
  • Stress resilience and mental toughness.
  • Peak performance training.
  • Executive distress and personality styles and organizational consequences.

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