Organization Development (OD) is the targeted and strategic Human resource programmed facilitation of the improvement of organizational structural, systemic, process and human dynamic factors towards creating high functioning, healthy and effective organizations. Organization Development assists organizations to diagnose and intervene with problem dynamics and to identify and achieve their goals by improving structure, systems processes, human individual, group, team and organization wide dynamics, improve or define organizational culture and to vision strategy and align human capital and processes in its implementation, often in the context of significant change transition and other planned Human resource initiatives.

Organization Development interventions may focus on hard issues, such as strategy, policies, systems and processes or human dynamic issues such as engagement, culture, behavior and leadership. At Pneuma Consulting Group we believe it is essential to address both inseparable synergistic area’s concurrently.

Pneuma Consulting professionals utilize our boutique systems-psychodynamic approach to the human, structural, process and strategic challenges faced by the corporations that we engage with. Our work focuses on the whole system. Our organizational diagnostic efforts evaluate the organization systemically and in particular our expertise allows us to focus on the unconscious or psychodynamic life of the organization, teams, groups, systems and structures and the key leadership and professionals governing and directing the organization.

We diagnose organizational and Human resource issues via the skilled and focused use of psychometrics, surveys targeted observation , interviews, focus groups and a range of other state of the art Organization Development assessment methods. We work with the leadership team on its vision and strategy. We if necessary will examine the overall individual health and skill level of executives and key personnel and can intervene if requested either through a coaching or performance enhancement process or a referral in very selected situations to our internal center for executive recovery and renewal.

Our diagnostic efforts move from the C-and executive suite towards developing an understanding of the group, unit, team and total human resource perspective. We may examine structural as well as systems alignment and how these structures and processes contribute or de-rail the corporate vision, mission, strategy and tactics. Examining and enhancing organizational culture is an area where our consultants often work within organizational structures.

We believe that the task of the organization is of significance as it elicits particular anxieties and defensive behavior both individually and organizationally. Defenses can be helpful, allowing us to work, but can also become excessive, resulting in behaviors that are unhelpful or damaging.

Our interventions are dynamic and always co-determined and collaborative. We have extensive experience working with both non-union and unionized environments and have extensive experience in working towards management-labor “buy in” for Organization Development and other change management initiatives. We work actively with organizations on all levels of system to facilitate healthy, productive organizational cultural change and bring to skillfully foster individual and organizational reflection towards awareness of the hidden or organizationally sub conscious aspects of organizational life that have the energy to derail the most sophisticated of strategic plans and efforts.

We consider all levels of organizational  and Human resource management systems including governance, executive leadership, teams, units, groups alongside identified non official sources of organizational power and. Our unique psychodynamic-systems approach promotes governance, executive as well as total organizational emotional intelligence, organizational health leading towards high performing, creative learning organizations

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