The Pneuma Consulting Group offers five day intensive psychodynamically depth oriented exploratory and planning retreats for senior Executives and leaders. This is our consultancy’s key note strategic human resource leadership developmental experience. Leadership is often thought of solely as a rational fiscal and product oriented logistically driven enterprise. However, leadership excellence is always about the personal internal psychological processes and similar processes and relational dynamics of those teams, groups and organizations that are being led. Great leaders, have a deep and sophisticated understanding of the psychodynamics of all of the organizations key stake holders, but just as or even more crucial they evidence a strong personal emotional intelligence of of their own intra-psychic and relational dynamics. In order to be a high performance, authentic, effective and healthy leader one must have a one must have a solid understanding of both the strengths and blind spots inherent within their own intra-psychic and relational personality aspects that play a role in leadership and ultimately corporate effectiveness.

A leaders Historical narrative and the cognitions, images, drives, affects and defense mechanisms that are outside of their conscious awareness will greatly influence their perceptual, relational and decision making capacity and process with an obvious effect on their personal, professional and corporate performance.. In essence unconscious dynamics, conflicts and issues will lead towards non high performing even toxic leadership and possibly professional and career de-railment and ultimately diminished or even catastrophic corporate performance. Due to the sub conscious nature of individual psychodynamics these  deeply repressed and walled of psychological factors rarely  present in a manner that is directly obvious to either the leader or his or her stakeholders ...

The Intensive Retreat is designed to provide an experience of depth oriented psychodynamic personal exploration and self-reflection and to transform participants towards a greater emotionally intelligence as relates to self and the people they lead and other stakeholders whom they interact with. The transformative leadership retreat can be accessed as a stand-alone opportunity but is designed as an excellent capstone experience for those leaders that participated in our evaluative and executive coaching programs.  The retreat based on corporate human resource need can be held in either Ottawa Canada or at any appropriate Canadian, American, European or international location that is amenable to the creation of an intimate and deeply self-reflective process.



Based in Ottawa, Canada, and delivered internationally in cooperation with corporate human resource management our 5 days workshop is for Executives and “blue chip” Leaders and professionals seeking to operate at an elite performance level. We focus on each participant’s unique journey towards the development of high performance, directed psychological resilience and mental toughness skill set.

Similar programs are taught to Special Forces personnel, elite Athletes and other unique professionals who require a guiding focus characterized by personal mastery, self-leadership and extraordinary performance in their professional and personal lives.

The program utilizes the cutting edge methods and research from affective neuro-science and self-regulation along with the insights and techniques from sports, clinical and high performance psychology.

Participation in the intensive workshop is intended as a game changing experience that will assist participants in pushing towards higher levels of peak performance.


As world class distance and endurance athletes know there inevitably will come a time of complete psycho-emotional, physical inner spiritual exhaustion and potential collapse.

In the world of C-suite executive or high asset leadership professional this personal and professional performance “dark night of the soul” is also a well-known and much feared possibility.  In the corporate realm it emerges as addictions, psychological health disorders, severe stress, burnout and psychologically mediated serious physical health issues. This not only seriously impacts professional performance but due to its personal ramifications can severely impact an individual’s personal being, leaving the formerly high performer both unemployed as well as unemployable.

Disability consultants and human resource managers and Recovering Executives and other formerly high performing professionals are intimately aware that to weather, survive and emerge from this ”dark night of the soul”  that an effective program of recovery and relapse prevention is an absolute (see  - Centre for Executive and Professional Recovery & Renewal). Experience has proven that recovery and relapse prevention are quite possible. The question in many recovery elite performer minds is whether renewed high performance can ever be reasonable goal.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, and delivered internationally our unique program takes recovery and renewal back into the high or elite performance direction. We believe that a deep awareness of the dynamics that led to “hitting the wall” along with a rich and ongoing program of recovery can if the recovering Executives desires lead towards the goal of a higher level of performance, satisfaction and personal and professional well-being previously non imagined.

The program teaches that recovery has taught the individual new skills of deep emotional and spiritual intelligence, self-awareness and personal leadership that might not have been learned any other way. Utilizing the wisdom of recovery psychology, 12 step philosophy, mind fullness, neuro-biological self-regulation, emotional intelligence, authentic personal and professional leadership, recovery philosophy of a spirituality of imperfection, psychological resilience and mental toughness our program uniquely designed to promote ongoing recovery & renewal and high level professional and personal performance.

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