Executive and Leadership Assessment

Specialized testing, interviewing and simulations for recruitment, selection and talent management.

Pneuma Consulting Group provides a full suite of individual Executive, team, organizational effectiveness and culture psychological assessment services. We believe that successful assessment programs insures that leaders, executives, teams and organizational systems, structures and processes are not only individually of a cutting edge nature but work in a holistic synergy towards corporate vision, mission, strategic direction and create a high functioning focus that produces outstanding performance and meets bottom line objectives. 

Pneuma’s consulting psychologists and management consultants in addition to an organizational focus have highly specialized training and experience in clinical-forensic psychology and can be particularly well used in situations where intense individual “vetting” of personality style and leadership and related attributes on a depth level is required. Organizations seeking Executive assessment for leadership selection, placement, security or position derailment issues may be interested in examining what is often referred to as the “dark side of leadership”. The dark side of leadership refers to those personality traits that operate well below the surface and only emerge under certain conditions, high stress or are never seen but tend to operate covertly and can if not discovered create serious leadership, team, brand and other serious corporate difficulties. Studies of leadership often reveal the danger of traits such as narcissism, machiavellism, psychopathy and related dynamics often found in individuals aspiring to positions of leadership, trust and authority. Pneuma’s consulting Executive assessment program can provide such specialized services, if required. 

Selecting a candidate for an executive or professional position is a crucial Human resource management situation because of the issues involved. Recent research shows that executive selection is problematic and that almost half of the executives hired do not succeed past their first year. Also, of those that fail within the first year, 85% fail because they did not fit the culture of the organization. An executive candidate assessment provides the information needed for Human resource managers and senior management to make an informed, objective decision about the capabilities, culture fit, and future potential of an individual. The Executive Candidate Assessment provides an objective picture and understanding of an individual’s strengths, leadership style, developmental areas, and personality characteristics, aptitudes and emotional intelligence relevant for successful job performance. It also provides information as to how to best manage the individual and help him/her achieve their full potential.

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