Specialized Psychodynamically oriented coaching for Executives, Groups/Teams and Organizations

In general, discoveries about ones internal intra-psychic dynamics and interpersonal behaviors are difficult to discover and then process alone. An  executives  pathway toward self-discovery can be greatly enhanced with the help of a professional coach who can provide a reflective place to deal with the everyday dilemmas and paradoxes of their professional and private lives. 

Executive Performance Enhancement, Mental Toughness and Psychological Resilience Training

Pneuma Consulting Group has a number of unique consultants with synergistic backgrounds both in the psychology of human performance along with extensive front line and leadership training and experience in High risk armed services organizations. These consultants via  Executive/Leadership coaching, retreats and other executive training venues bring unique backgrounds to the Professional and corporate executive domain. It has been demonstrated repeatedly that Executive individual, team and organizational performance is greatly diminished by the day to day stress and uncertainty inherent with complex senior roles. Our firm is available to partner with corporate Human resource management to work individually and with teams or the organization as a whole to enhance emotional and mental resilience capacity. Our consultants are available to serve Ottawa (Canada), the United States, Europe and other international locations.

Individual Executive Coaching Assignments

Pneuma Consulting Group's individual Executive coaching interventions are specifically designed to significantly enrich the organizations human capital potential. We utilize a highly specialized method focusing on  system, structure, process and strategic and individual executive/leadership psychodynamics that address the executive's personal synergy between their  internal self-psychodynamics, defensive structure and interpersonal relationships as they effect group, team and the organization as a whole. Our consulting/coaching approach is highly individualized and may be used to uncover emotional blind spots, to develop a sophisticated and emotionally intelligent understanding of strengths and areas for development, manage current corporate challenges, manage change from a personal and professional perspective, prepare for potential promotional opportunities and identify future career directions.

Executive/Leadership Group and Team Coaching 

The  primary intent of Pneuma Consulting Group’s Executive group and team focused coaching program is to in partnership with organizational human resource management to allow executives, leaders and managers to engage in depth oriented, fearlessly searching frank and open dialogues that reach towards the depth and breadth of the corporation's key systemic, structural, strategic and human relational challenges. 

The coaching group assists each participant to explore his or her own internal and unique perceptual and relational blind spots, and identify new directions for personal/professional transformation in line with the organization’s goals, objectives, culture and strategic direction.

Organizational Coaching Interventions

The primary objective of  Pneuma Consulting's “whole organization” coaching intervention is to utilize individual executive, team and group coaching programs as individual building blocks towards the transformation of the organizations systems, structure, strategy and culture. and to facilitate an executive leadership team with a high degree of self-awareness and emotional intelligence that leads towards a significant improvement in individual leadership along with enhanced team and group effectiveness and efficiency and ultimately towards greater organizational health and a significant strategic human resource value added towards the achievement of the corporate bottom line and its individual strategic goals and objectives.




Take your life and career to the next level of success

As an Executive or blue chip professional, you have undoubtedly accumulated a significant number of accomplishments. You may, however, be experiencing an internal restlessness that has you feeling the need to seek something new, profound or transformationally significant in your life, profession or work.

Whether your goal is a personal or professional re-balancing, emotional or spiritual integration or enrichment, achieving elite / peak personal or professional performance, transformational leadership enhancement, developing new levels of psychological resilience and mental toughness, greater levels of personal/professional authenticity, enhancing your personal, relational or organizational emotional intelligence or finding a greater meaning and synergy between your organizational, personal and professional selves, our Executive Life Coaching process may be for you.

Our Executive Life Coaching programs are based on the following:

  • Self leadership
    coaching towards enhancement of personal authenticity, greater emotional intelligence and self regulation and deep levels of self awareness and a holistic personal integration.
  • Personal and professional vision formulation
    developing vision, direction consistent with an enhanced inner G.P.S. or a true North that facilitates an inspired meaningful and substantial increase in new levels of cutting edge performance. 
  • Authentic Leadership Skills
    facilitating and coaching towards authentic communication, messaging and relationships consistent with both your inner self, values, goals and beliefs and professional and organizational roles.
  • Psychological resilience and mental toughness
    developing and applying a personal and professional attitudinal and personal psycho-emotional and behavioral skill set to harden psychological resilience and mental toughness while avoiding professional burnout, sub optimal personal / professional functioning or career derailment.
  • Professional and Personal Selves
    coaching towards creating an optimal and healing synergy between one’s personal, professional and organizational selves.

Coaching Delivery Methods

  • In person
  • via phone
  • via secure audio / video connection



Beyond E.A.P.

Providing state of the art, high impact psycho-diagnostic evaluation and intensive psychotherapy to executives and professionals in distress.

Serving the needs of professionals, executives, corporate Human resource Management and Professional Licensing and Regulatory Bodies. 

The Ottawa, Canada, based Centre for executive and professional recovery & renewal is a boutique clinical service designed specifically for high asset corporate human capital and professionals that enhances the human resource management function by providing clinical evaluation and specialized intensive individual as well as group clinical emotional/behavioral health and addiction intervention for executives and high asset professionals experiencing early stage or acute distress that is currently effecting their emotional and/or behavioral health status along with creating apparent or potential professional performance issues. 

Our team of highly credentialed clinical associates are able to provide occupationally related clinical as well as forensic behavioral health evaluation, consultation, and intensive treatment as well as post residential treatment relapse prevention. 

Our team is highly experienced in with corporate human resource management, legal counsel  as well as professional regulatory bodies in assisting executives and professionals in distress or who have demonstrably "de-railed" personally and professionally and require intensive and highly confidential intervention to return them to high level personal and professional functioning. 

In addition given our team's experience in applying both clinical as well as forensic evaluation and treatment methodologies we have a unique capacity to assist in consulting with or in regards to executives/professionals exhibiting behaviors associated with what has been referred to as the "dark triad" (psychopathy, narcissism and Machiavellianism). 

Emotional, behavioral health and addiction disorders do not discriminate based on occupational and social standing. Executives and professionals have highly individualized and often profession specific clinical needs that are not met in publicly funded or generic treatment programs nor within corporate E.A.P. programs. Beyond a need for immediate efficient and state of the art treatment services, many professionals have a need for exceptional levels of confidentiality. Human resource managers are aware that a sensitive understanding of position and profession related dynamics that lead to maintain or exacerbate a mental or behavioral health and /or addiction problems is required.

The Centre for Executive and Professional recovery and renewal is located in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital region, but maintains an international focus by providing intensive outpatient treatment programs in selected location's in the United States, Europe and anywhere in the world where our services are required. 

Our center's clinical and consulting services are specifically designed to extend well beyond in both scope, depth and intensity than that found in corporate E.A.P. (employee assistance programs) and to meet the real needs of the corporate strategic human resource function.

Our clinical and consultation services focus on the following: 

  • Emotional health disorders 
  • Addictions 
  • Occupational behavioral health issues 
  • Dark triad personality traits (psychopathy, narcissism, Machiavellianism) 
  • Post traumatic stress 
  • Impaired Professional conduct 
  • Professional boundary violation 
  • Disciplinary action/threatened loss of license 
  • Impaired ability to safely perform occupational tasks 
  • Impulsive & Disruptive behavior 
  • Anxiety, panic, dissociation & depression 
  • Burnout & stress issues 
  • Anger, rage and self injury 
  • Stress related medical problems (cardiac, blood pressure, headache, neuromuscular, chronic pain) 
  • Career decisions & transitions 
  • Marital and family issues 

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